Dr. Gee and his wife Betty Gee have been working closely with the Houston division of Miss Chinatown for many years.  While she grooms the contestants to make the best impression in the local and national Miss Chinatown pageant, he has straightened their teeth for their winning smiles.
Meet some of the local winners who have been treated by our office in recent years!


Winning smile from Dr. Kim Gee DDS, MSKaren Yang

Miss Chinatown USA 2017
Miss Chinatown Houston 2016

Winning Smile by Dr. Kim Gee DDS MSJanet Chen

Miss Chinatown USA 2nd princess 2018
Miss Chinatown Houston 2017

Winning smile by Dr. Kim S. Gee DDS MS, Miss Chinatown 2015Rachel Lee

Miss Chinatown Houston 2015

Winning Smile by Dr. Kim S. Gee, Miss Chinatown Houston 2006
Connie Chen

Miss Chinatown Houston 2006


Photos by Alvin Gee